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EECS Account Information

General Information

Your EECS Account consists of the the following services and resourses:

EECS Username and Password

Your EECS username and password are used to access:

EECS Account Handout

If you are new to the department or have forgotten your EECS password you can request an EECS Account Handout at either the EECS Help Desk located in the Computing Commons on the 1st floor of Eaton Hall, or the EECS Office which is located in 2001 Eaton Hall.


If you are one of our Edwards Campus students contact Professor Hossein Saiedian ( for an EECS account handout.

The EECS Account Handout contains your EECS username, password, and additional information on using EECS services and resources.

Changing Your EECS Password

To change your EECS password login to the EECS website and select the 'Change Password' option under 'Account'.

Home Directory

Your home directory is file storage that can be accessed on all EECS workstations and servers:

  • On EECS Windows workstation, your home directory will be either the H drive or the Z drive.
  • On EECS Linux workstations and your home directory is the default working directory. A new terminal window will open to your home directory.
  • On the EECS Cycle Servers your home directory is the default working directory.
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