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Frequently Asked Questions (about Windows)

"How do I determine the amount of disk space I am using in Windows?"

Double click on the My Computer Icon on the desktop. Right click on the H: Drive Icon (your user name should be the name of the drive) and click on Properties tab.

- or -

Startup an SSH Secure Shell Client program. Login to EECS using as the host name. The following command should display for you the amount of disk space you are using.

du -S -h

"Is JSP supported on the server?"

Java Server Pages (JSP) is not currently supported on the web system.

"Where can I get an ssh client for my Windows machine?"

The EECS department has a site license on a SSH client for Windows that is available to be downloaded. You can find this client by logging into the system and selecting the “EECS Downloads” link. For more information on SSH visit see what_is_ssh.

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